Why do I love the Philippines?

The Philippines unites everything you can imagine: crystal-clear blue lagoons, a dazzlingly colorful underwater world and exciting nature with varied landscapes. For me, the jewel of Southeast Asia, far away from mass tourism (if you want) or right in the middle of it, with lots of good parties. The untouched and dreamy islands, the friendly people and the rousing culture have a very special charm. The best thing is that there is a perfect place for everyone. Whether sun worshipers, adventurers, explorers or divers.

Top 10 reasons why you should definitely travel to the Philippines

1. Island hopping

I would even say: Island hopping of superlatives! The hotspot for the day tours is Palawan with El Nido, Port Barton and Coron. But island hopping is also available at Bohol, Romblon, Cebu. Yes almost everywhere in the Philippines. The island hopping tours are simply unbeatable. Small islands and sandbars, caves, lagoons and lakes. Most of the time there is also lunch and above all: good mood on board, a great crew and you get to know other travelers.

2. Dream beaches

It was clear, but the dream beaches are simply among the top 10. Powder white, long beaches that you sometimes have all to yourself. The best known is the White Beach in Boracay. My favorites: Paliton Beach (Siquijor), Daku Island (Siargao), Bon Bon Beach (Romblon). The water is crystal clear, hammocks invite you to relax and the palm trees sway in the wind and provide shade.

3. The intact underwater world

A dream for all divers and the best thing about it: Whether you are a beginner or advanced, there are numerous great diving spots in the Philippines for every level. Whether wreck diving at Coron, drift dives and turtles at Apo Island, colorful coral gardens at Pescador Island (Moalboal) or the rare fox sharks on Malapascua. For everyone who likes snorkeling, don't worry, you can do that almost anywhere.

4. Landscape diversity

The Philippines shine not only under water, over water or on the water (beach), but also with the diversity of the landscape. There are countless landscapes to discover. Palm-strewn islands, large and small waterfalls, hot and cold springs, caves, mountains and volcanoes, right up to the green rice terraces. Oh, and the animal world also ranges from large to small. You can swim with whale sharks or watch the world's smallest monkey, the tarsier.

5. Tourism is growing slowly

Every year, just over 7 million people travel to the Philippines. Can you imagine how many tourists travel to Thailand every year? It's a whopping 38 million! This should make it clear to everyone that the Philippines is far away from mass tourism. If you want to visit well-known and hyped places and meet other "long noses" (that's how Europeans are often called) and if you want to have a beach all to yourself, you should just travel away from other tourists and visit lesser known islands / places. Possible in the Philippines without any question!

6. The warmth of the Filipinos

Asians are known for being polite and hospitable. The Filipinos (Pinoys) top this in every way. I have never seen such warm, open-minded, helpful people with so much zest for life in other Asian countries. You are always greeted with a smiling face, the children beam at you, wave and greet you on the street. They are so relaxed and always invite you to karaoke together. The exchange almost always works because the Filipinos speak English very well, which leads me to the next point.

7. English is spoken everywhere

English is the second official language of the Philippines and almost everyone speaks and understands English. Children learn English from the start and the older generation speaks almost perfect English (since the Philippines was under American rule for a long time). That makes communication and traveling on site so easy. If you don't know where the next ferry or bus goes - no problem, the Filipinos not only understand you, but often even bring you to your desired destination. English has already established itself so widely in everyday life that a mix of Tagalog (the official language) and English is spoken, which is then called Tagalish. And by the way: The Filipinos are language experts with over 180 dialects.

8. The living culture

The Filipinos are more than 80% Catholic (due to the Spanish colonial period) and are very religious. This may make the first impression that the culture there is like in other Catholic countries. But the Filipinos have found an excellent way and connect Catholicism with their deeply rooted culture and religion from earlier times. Every festival (such as the Sinlog Festival) is celebrated very colorfully and with a lot of dance and legends. You can experience the culture in Northern Luzon particularly well. People still live in harmony with nature, live in nipa huts (traditional houses built on stilts), still practice their customs, wear traditional clothing and worship their ancestors and nature spirits. Offerings and war dances are also still practiced. The peoples created the rice fields 2,000 years ago and still largely live from them.

9. Historical treasures

Who thought it was just about the beaches in the Philippines is wrong. In the Philippines you can visit some UNESCO sites. The longest underground river at Puerto Princesa, the 2,000-year-old rice terraces of Northern Luzon and the Tubbataha reef are very well known. Other sights such as Bohol's Chocolate Hills are already on the nomination list.

10. Made for every traveler

My top 10 reason is basically a summary of all the reasons. Whether you are a diver, hiker, beach lover or action junkie, you will find it in the Philippines. With 7,641 islands, you have an incredibly large variety of activities and natural backdrops. One day you explore the green rice terraces and two days later you lie in the hammock on the dream beach. You can discover a lonely Ore for yourself, celebrate great parties, ride your days with a quad or fill up island hopping, or visit historic places.

I leave a few more pictures here. After all, pictures speak volumes 😉

And? Are the Philippines on your bucket list now? I hope 😀

All the best

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  • Avatar
    카지노 보너스

    I can't wait to retire in the Philippines. There's just so much to see, discover and enjoy in your country. The people are also just as amazing

    • Mabuhay Travel Club
      Mabuhay Travel Club

      You're absolutely right! The Philippines are simply amazing! The diversity, the local people, the beautiful beaches, lagoons and mountains!


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