Romblon province

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The province of Romblon consists of smaller and larger islands. These include Romblon Island, Tablas Island and Sibuyan Island. The islands are so natural and only rarely on the agenda of tourists. Traveling the islands is therefore an absolute insider tip and should be at the top of the favorites list for travelers who want to hike adventure and off the beaten path.

Adventurers and explorers will find first-class diving areas, tropical rainforests, hidden waterfalls and heavenly beaches on Romblon, Tablas and Sibuyan.

Tablas Island

Looc Marine Sanctuary

The Looc Marine Reserve is the oldest tourist attraction on Tablas Island. Equipped with a snorkel and mask, over 48 different species of fish and marine animals can be found in the 48-hectare marine reserve. The water is incredibly clear, you can see lots of colorful fish and coral gardens. If you like snorkeling, you definitely have to plan a trip.

Blue hole

In the north of Tablas is the mystical Blue Lich. The blue hole in the sea was created by a volcanic crater and seems to lead to a new world. You can snorkel and try free diving. If you would like to dive there, you should book a dive from Romblon with a diving school.

Busay Falls

The Busay waterfall is the most famous waterfall on Tablas and is located near San Augustin. After small villages you reach the starting point for a short hike to the waterfall. The Busay Falls consists of several levels, the higher you climb the small paths, the more beautiful and larger the pools will be. Don't forget the picnic basket!

Trangkalan Falls

The Trangkalan waterfall is in the Bachawan village. As with Busay Falls, various stages can be climbed here. The Trangkalan case is characterized by the emerald green pool, which is ideal for swimming.


The sunsets on Tablas Island are phenomenal. Brighter colors discolor the sky until the sun has disappeared behind the horizon. The best places for the perfect sunset are at Tablas Point and Binucot Beach.

Iceland hopping

The best Iceland hopping tours can be found in the north of Tablas Island from Calatrava. The tour usually includes the following activities:

Cove Aurelio
White rock reef
Blue Hole: snorkeling and
Cliff jump
Gorda Point: snorkeling
Pearl of Melody: A hidden sea cave
in the cliffs
Tinagong Dagat: Hidden salt water lakes
and cliff jump

ATMs and internet

There are several ATMs for international cards in Odiongan. Most accommodations offer WiFi, but this rarely works. The network of Globe and Smart is also weak.

Romblon Island

Candy Beach

The Bonbon Beach has crystal clear water and shows its most beautiful side during low tide. Then you can see the long sandbar on which you can hike to the small, uninhabited island of Bang-og.

Talipasak Beach

Talipasak Beach, also known as San Pedro Beach, is a hidden gem with a peaceful atmosphere. It is only a short distance from Bonbon Beach at the end of a small side street. In most cases, you are completely on your own. Surrounded by palm trees, there is a small café nearby.

Tiamban Beach

The Tiamban Beach. as it came from the picture book, is only a stone's throw away from Bonbon Beach. You meet some locals, talk, laugh, drink coffee and let yourself be caught by the Romblon Beach Vibe.

Iceland hopping

An island hopping tour should lead to Alad, Cobrador and Lugbon. Other fantastic beaches, caves, rock formations, cliff jumps and secret little pools.

Fort San Anders

Deep, steep stairs lead up to the viewpoint in colorful gardens. From the 17th century, Fort San Anders commemorates the history of Romblon. A visit is especially recommended at sunset. Relax and watch the sun disappear behind the horizon.

Lahung rock formation

The Lahung rock formation is an epic place for the perfect sunset. Somewhat hidden away from the road is a small hut at the end of a ledge. On the right side the Lahung rock formation forms a beautiful rock arch.

ATMs and internet

There are several ATMs for international cards in the north of Romblon. Most accommodations offer WiFi, but this rarely works. The network of Globe and Smart is also weak.

Sibuyan Island

Guiting Guiting

Mount Guiting Guiting, which is also called G2, is THE highlight on the island. The climb lasts between 2 and 3 days. Before a guided tour takes place, a fee must be paid to DENR (Department of Environment and Natural Resources) to enter the national park in which the G2 is located. If you are not looking forward to the summit, you can also take day trips, e.g. B to the Gaong River.

Cresta de Gallo

Paradise has a name: Cresta de Gallo. A small island with a long tongue of sand. From San Fernando, Cresta de Gallo can be reached in around 1.5 hours by boat. The sandbar made of powder white sand is surrounded by light blue, clear sea. One day playing Robinson Crusoe is allowed here. The nice thing about it is that there are only a few visitors on the island, so you think that it belongs to you alone. Those who have taken enough provisions and a tent with them can also spend the night on the island.

Lambingan Falls

Lambingan Falls is probably the most visited waterfall by tourists on the island of Sibuyan. It is located near Magdiwang City. At the waterfall you can relax on bamboo platforms, jump off small cliffs and have wonderful lunch in the huts on the edge.

Cataja Falls

Cataja Falls is a series of cascades stuck in the jungle. The higher you go, the bigger and more exciting the waterfalls become. Different streams of water flow into each other, down a huge rock face and form crystal clear pools. The sight is incredibly indescribable.

Cantingas River

The Cantingas River is the water artery for Sibuyan Island and a popular place for locals on weekends. The children jump from old diving boards into the river while the parents exchange ideas.

ATMs and internet

There is no ATM or working WIFI on Sibuyan. With a lot of luck there is a network. Sufficient cash should be withdrawn beforehand.

How to get to Province of Romblon

Getting to Tablas Island:
From Manila there are direct flights to Tablas Island, Tugdan Airport. Flight schedules and prices vary.
There are usually cheaper flights from Manila to Caticlan.
A ferry runs daily from Caticlan to Odiongon, Tablas.
There are also ferries from Roxas (Mindoro) to Tablas Island several times a day.

Getting to Romblon Island:
Romblon is best reached from Tablas.
Small ferries leave from Odiongan (Tablas Island) to Romblon Island.
Also from San Agustin (Tablas Island) there are ferries and boats that go to Romblon.

Getting to Sibuyan Island:
Sibuyan Island is quite remote and the most difficult to reach from the Romblon Islands.
The current schedule of the ferries should be inquired on site.
A stopover in Romblon should be planned from Tablas to Sibuyan. In the morning there is a ferry between the Romblon and Sibuyan islands.
There is also a connection between Sibuyan and Masbate twice a week.

Itinerary: Off the path

The Off the path route takes you to the province of Romblon and the islands of Tablas, Romblon & Sibuyan.