Negros Oriental &
Negros Occidental

Negros Oriental

The university town is in the southeast of Negros Dumageute City. The charming city is the main province of Negros Oriental and combines modern university buildings with old Catholic churches. From Dumageute City you can perfectly like the further south islands Siquijor and Bohol discover.

If you want to make your days more active, you must visit the Tablas Plateau. The mountains are home to the blue-green crater lakes Lake Balinsasayo and Lake Danao, also known as Twin Lakes, and the Casaroro waterfall, the most photographed waterfall of Negros. In Dauin you can bathe in hot springs or relax on golden brown beaches. If you are looking for the typical Filipino, snow-white beaches, you have to go to Sipalay to Sugar Beach. Another highlight is Bais on the east coast. There, whales like to frolic in the strait.


For all divers, negros should be high on the list. In the south-east and east of Negro the underwater world blooms. Dauin is the perfect starting point for diving excursions to the Masaplod Norte or the Dauin Marine Sanctury. The waters around Dauin are no longer an insider tip, but they are known worldwide for their biodiversity and diverse coral landscape. Even experienced divers will surely be overwhelmed and discover many new sea creatures for the first time.

Whom it leads away from the masses should definitely Apo Island visit and spend several days there! On Apo Island, divers are among themselves. The tiny island is a diving paradise and completely spared from tourism.

Negros Occidental

Bacolod is the main province of Negros Occidental. The city is also called the sugar capital, as many sugar cane plantations and processing companies are based there. The MassKara Festival takes place in Bacolod in October. On the colorful street parades you dress up with elaborate masks and costumes. If you like old steam locomotives, you should definitely visit Silay. On a day trip to Victorias you can visit the largest sugar cane factory in the Philippines and learn all sorts of interesting facts about the sweet juice of sugar cane.

Active vacationers who enjoy hiking will get their money's worth on a 3-day climb of Mount Kanlaon. At the summit of the still active volcano, you have a fabulous view of the jungle, the sugar cane fields and the sea with the neighboring islands of Cebu and Panay. If you don't want to climb the summit, you can go on day trips to the national park around the volcano from Mambucal and bathe in hot springs and waterfalls in the middle of the jungle. Even beach lovers are not neglected in Negros Occidental. On the contrary: The most beautiful beaches in Negro can be found in Sipalay. Small bays, excellent beaches and snorkeling and diving opportunities near the shore.

Arrival Negros

Manila according to Negros
From Manila there are daily direct flights to either Bacolod in Negros Occidental or Dumaguete in Negros Oriental.

Cebu City to Dumaguete City
From the South Bus Terminal in Cebu-City, buses go directly to Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental.
The bus ride takes between 6-7 hours.

Cebu to Negros Oriental
If you do not travel directly from Cebu-City to Negros, you can take a public bus to the south of Cebu.
from Bato, (Cebu) to Tampi, (Negros Oriental) or
from Liloan (Cebu) to Sibulan, (Negros Oriental).
Who after Dumaguete City would like to take a ferry to Sibulan.

Itinerary: Deep Diving

The Deep Diving itinerary takes you to Negros