Moalboal, Cebu

Variety guaranteed

A small, lively place that offers a lot of variety: diving, snorkeling, canyoning, hiking and relaxation. No wonder that the place attracts many tourists. Moalboal is the perfect starting point to discover the west coast of Cebus.

In addition to the most beautiful waterfalls and the highest viewpoint of Cebu, holidaymakers discover unique dive sites, snorkel with huge shoals of sardines, relax on White Beach and experience adventurous hours while exploring the interior of Cebu.

Panagsama Beach

Most individual travelers and backpackers find accommodation near Panagsama Beach. It is known as the diving village of Moalboal. Panagsama Beach is rocky and rocky. It is less inviting to relax, but you will find the sardines run there. The swarms of sardines can be easily observed while snorkeling. they fform a unit and seem to stand in the water. Turtles and smaller sharks can also be spotted while snorkeling. In the small village around Panagsama Beach there are some diving centers, restaurants and bars.

White Beach

If you are looking for the typical white sandy beach, you will find it on White Beach. White Beach is 5 kilometers north of Moalboal. Some expensive and luxurious hotels have settled on White Beach. The White Beach is very popular, so it is usually very well attended and the prices are slightly higher.

Lambug Beach

Another little insider tip! Lambug Beach is about 30 minutes south of Moalboal by scooter towards Kawasan Falls. Few tourists come to this beach, so it is often deserted. The beach is white and goes gently into the clear water. A great alternative to the well-known White Beach!

Diving in Moalboal

Whether beginner or experienced. Moalboal offers the perfect dive for every diver. Up to 65 meters deep, views of up to 40 meters and pleasant temperatures around 26 degrees. Anyone visiting Moalboal in May and June has the chance to encounter whale sharks. The various dive spots are varied and are among the best in the Philippines. Popular spots include Marine Sanctuary, White Beach Point, Kasai Point, Panagsama Reef, Talisay Point, Tongo Sanctuary, and Sampaguita Point. The dives at Pescador Marine Park and Pescador Catheral are very special. Surrounded by a flat reef roof, Pescador Island rises from a deep sea ditch. Colorful coral gardens meet steeply sloping walls. Encounters with barakkuda flocks and sharks are not uncommon.

Kawasan Falls

The Kawasan Falls are among the largest waterfalls in Cebu. A real adventure is a canyoning tour and should not be missed. The day trip takes you between gorges and cliffs, sometimes from a height of 15 meters into the cold, clear water. You let yourself be driven by the stream of water, roll down small waterfalls and swing on ropes into the cool water. An exciting and action-packed day in the midst of breathtaking nature. The rocks, cliffs and gorges around you are impressive. If you just want to see the Kawasan Falls, it's best to rent a scooter and visit the waterfalls without canyoning. Early arrival is worth it, as it can get very crowded from 9 a.m.

Osmenia Peak

The highest vantage point from Cebu is Osmenia Peak. The view extends over the hilly inland (which reminds of the Chocolate Hills of Bohol) to the open sea. The viewpoint can be reached after a 2 hour scooter ride from Moalboal. Some of the roads are in poor condition, which is why we only recommend experienced scooterists to travel there. Otherwise, a fixed price should be negotiated with a tricycle driver. In April and May, an increase in the Osmenia peak is particularly worthwhile at sunrise. In the winter months, however, it is very foggy, so a visit at sunset is more worthwhile.

The ascent takes about 20-30 minutes. The route is very well signposted, does not require a high level of fitness and can be done without a guide. If it rains, no hikes to Osmenia Peak should be done for safety reasons!

Arrival at Moalboal

Manila to Moalboal:
By plane from Manila (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) to Cebu - City (Mactan-Cebu International Airport)

Cebu City to Moalboal:
From the South Bus Terminal in Cebu, buses run every hour to Moalboal (Librando or Ceres Liner).
The trip by public bus takes 3-4 hours. You get a ticket depending on the bus class (Aircon or Non-Aircon) from 90 pesos.

If you are not from Cebu-City and would like to go directly from the airport to Moalboal, you can negotiate a private taxi ride for a fixed price. With a little bit of negotiation skills, you can get a private trip from 2,000 pesos (approx. 35 euros)

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