Malapascua Island

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A tiny island, lonely bays and snow-white dream beaches. The quiet and unspoilt island is only 8 kilometers from the northern tip of Cebus. The island is so small that it feels like a large island family. Malapscua is very well known among divers, but is generally still considered a (secret) tip.

The south coast of the island with the Bounty Beach attracts most tourists. There are beach bars, accommodations, restaurants and dive shops. In the depths of the ocean off Malapascua Island there is a first class underwater world. The diving paradise offers colorful coral gardens and is known for hammerhead sharks, manta rays and especially the fox sharks (Thresher sharks).

Island life in Malapascua

Locals also speak of MLP when they speak of their island. The 5,000 inhabitants live very simply in small huts between the restaurants and accommodations. This makes Malapascua a very special place where tourists and locals still live and get in touch. In Malapascua you have the chance to discover the authentic life of the Filipinos and it is not uncommon for friendships to develop between tourists and locals. Compared to other islands, Malapascua is by far very relaxed and authentic. Only on Saturday there is a kind of disco on the basketball court.

The charm of Malapascua

Cars, jeepneys or tricycles do not drive. Only motorcycles that are operated as taxis. Since the island is so small, it is also easy to walk around the island on foot. There is no ATM (ATM), so it is important to bring enough cash with you. The power fails every now and then, just like reception and hot showers cannot be guaranteed. But that's exactly what makes Malapascua so special: the simplicity, switching off from everyday life and being unavailable for a few days.

A world class dive spot

Malapascua is known for the high numbers of hammerheads and manta rays. The island has become famous for the fox sharks (Thresher sharks) that otherwise live in the depths. The sharks seem inaccessible to divers as they live in the depths of the sea, but at the Monad Shoal diving spot there is a cleaning station for the Fox Sharks at 25 meters. In the early morning, experienced divers can watch the elegant animals there. Other popular dives include Gato Island, Malapascua Island-North Point and Kalanggaman Island. Most diving centers are located on Bounty Beach.

Kalanggaman Island

Kalanggaman Island is a 90 minute boat ride from Malapascua and can be visited as a day trip or for a night. An environment fee must be paid on arrival at Kalanggaman Island.
The most beautiful thing on the island is the long headland, which looks like it came from a picture book. The perfect postcard motif with a white sandy beach and crystal clear blue water.
Many tourists come for a day trip. Hot tip for adventurers: You can camp on the island for free.

How to get to Malapascua Island

From Cebu-City to Malapascua:
From the North Bus Terminal in Cebu City with the Ceres bus to Maya. (about 5 hours)
From there follows a 40 minute boat ride to Bounty Beach to Malapascua Island.

Itinerary: Deep Diving

The Deep Diving itinerary takes you to Malapascua