Chocolate Hills,
Adventure & variety

Chocolate mounds? Exactly, the Chocolate Hills have made Bohol world famous. Not far from Cebu is Bohol, one of the most visited islands in the Visaya region. With Panglao Island, on which the beautiful beaches and excellent diving spots can be found, Bohol combines an incredible number of activities, adventures and variety.

The green, hilly inland, the Loboc river and mangrove forests are just a few places to discover. Bohol also became very popular thanks to the world's smallest monkey, the tarsier. The tiny monkey with its disproportionately large eyes, like the Chocolate Hills, became a symbol of the Philippines.

Panglao Island
& Alona Beach

Connected to Bohol by two bridges, Panglao Island with its paradisiacal beaches seems to have sprung from a picture book: picturesque dream beaches, mystical caves and fairytale coral gardens. Panglao Island is divided into two districts. Dauis in the north and Panglao in the south. The south and west of the island is the starting point for most visitors, because there are the heavenly white beaches. 

The 1.5 km long powder white sandy beach is the most popular and most visited beach on Panglao Island. Alona Beach has many resorts, restaurants, bars, diving schools and shops. You can relax on the lively beach and have a house reef right in front of your nose, which is ideal for snorkeling.

Dumaluan &
Bikini Beach

It is much quieter on the eastern beaches of Alona beach. Starting with Dumaluan Beach which merges into Libaong White Beach. With its gently sloping beach and light blue shimmering water, these beaches are particularly popular with locals and are right for you if you are looking for more peace but want to stay close to Alona Beach. Bikini Beach is even further east. Also on this beach white sand and mighty palm trees merge in the clear water. In addition, idyllic little Nipa huts.

When staying in Bohol, Panglao Island and several beaches should be visited, as each beach enchants in its own way

The smallest monkey
of the world

The Tasier, also called Koboldmakis, attracts a lot of attention. The cute animals are the smallest monkeys in the world. The characteristic of the Tasier are their oversized eyes. This advantage makes the nocturnal monkeys excellent hunters in the dark. Unfortunately, the Tasier are in danger of extinction. A visit to the Philippine Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary, which is located near Corella, educates visitors about the unusual animals.

Dolphin & whale watching

Colorful coral gardens, colorful marine animals, mysterious tunnels and sloping overhangs. Bohol offers the right dive site for every taste, whether beginners or advanced divers. If you ever want to see dolphins and whales in the wild, you should take a boat trip around Pamilacan Island. During the first months of the year it is a popular playground for the animals. The house reef at Alona Beach is ideal for orientation dives and night dives. Other dive sites are at Arco Point and the offshore islands of Balicasag Island and Pamilacan Island. 

Inabanga River

At 25 kilometers, the Inabanga River is the longest river in Bohol and can be wonderfully discovered on a boat tour. In the middle of a nature park, along picturesque landscapes, charming fishing villages and old churches, the Inabanga River runs through the north-west of Bohol.

Loboc River

On the Loboc River, either floating restaurants or traditional bancas lead the 20 km long river upstream from Loay to the Busay waterfalls. You can also explore the Loboc River at night and marvel at thousands of fireflies. If you want an adventurous way, away from the crowds of tourists, you should visit the fireflies on the Abatan River with a kayak.

Danao Adventure Park

The heart for adrenaline junkies beats faster in the Danao Adventure Park! In Adventure Park you can climb, boulder, visit caves, kayak, ziplining, bungee jumping and so much more! The park focuses on sustainable tourism. All activities take place in a protected area. If you want, you can also spend the night in the park.

Sandugo festival

The annual Fiesta de Sandugo festival in Tagbilaran City, which takes place in March, commemorates the blood contract between the Spaniards and the indigenous people of Bohol. The festival has been celebrated since 1565.

Hinagdanan Cave

Bohol has a total of 1400 caves to explore. The Hinagdanan Cave in Dauis is one of the most famous. The mighty limestone cave is a popular photo motif, especially among photographers.

Bohol's Bee Farm

The Bohol Bee Farm in Dauis on Panglao Island offers relaxation, wellness and healthy eating. The farm is on a cliff, surrounded by a pretty garden with tropical plants and numerous beehives. Pool, hammocks, organic vegetables and an open-air spa meet at the bee farm.

Arrival Bohol

Manila according to Bohol:
There are daily direct flights from Manila (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) to Bohol, Tagbilaran. Cheaper flights are available with a stopover in Cebu-City.

Cebu City according to Bohol:
Various ferry operators operate several times a day between Cebu City and Bohol. From Cebu-City the journey takes about 2 hours to Tagbilaran, the capital of Bohol. Ticket prices start from 500 pesos. A ferry ride from Cebu-City to Bohol, Tubigon takes 1.5 hours and is a little cheaper. A longer journey south from Tubigon must be included. Tickets start at 275 pesos.

Ferry connections between in islands
Bohol is connected by ferry connections Siquijor Iceland and Dumaguete City very well connected.

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