The heart of the Philippines

The heart
the Philippines

The Visayas are located in the middle of the Philippines, between Mindanao and Luzon. The Visaya region consists of thousands of small and large islands. These include very well-known tourist islands such as Cebu, Boracay and Bohol, but also small, undiscovered islands such as Apo Island and Siquijor. The Visayas are particularly suitable for Philippines beginners.

It would take years to travel to all the islands of the Visayas, but thanks to the good connections, you can quickly get a first impression of the diverse, paradisiacal island world. Variety is guaranteed. From world-famous diving spots to lonely beaches and lively towns.


Cebu is 200 kilometers long and not much wider than 40 kilometers. Cebu is the center of the Visayas and with Cebu-City, the capital Cebus, one of the most important centers in the Philippines. Cebu is not only very attractive due to the capital, but also the surrounding islands such as Malapascua: A veritable piece of paradise with surrounding white sand banks, which ensures absolute relaxation and is particularly appreciated by divers. Another highlight of Cebu's is on the west coast: Moalboal. The township provides a lot of variety with excellent diving spots, white beaches, adventurous canyoning tours, well-known waterfalls and mountain hikes.

Hurray! Traumstrand in Balabac


The wonderful island of Boracay with the White Beach keeps appearing in the list of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The 4 kilometers of white, fine sandy beach seems to have sprung from a postcard motif. Boracay is the most popular and well-known island in the Philippines and offers everything that makes an unforgettable vacation. Resorts, bars and restaurants are lined up along the promenade. The gently sloping beaches are lined with palm trees, the water glistens under the sun. Picturesque bays, impressive waterfalls and mysterious caves can also be discovered on Boracay. Water sports fans also love Boracay.

After the island was closed, the island culture was transformed. From the party stronghold to sustainable tourism with a limited number of visitors.

Bohol Chocolate Hills -DOT ©Jacob Riglins


Chocolate mounds? Exactly, the Chocolate Hills have made Bohol world famous. Not far from Cebu is Bohol, one of the most visited islands in the Visaya region.

With Panglao Island, on which the beautiful beaches and excellent diving spots can be found, Bohol combines an incredible number of activities, adventures and variety. The green, hilly inland, the Loboc river and mangrove forests are just a few places to discover. Bohol also became very popular due to the world's smallest monkey, the tarsier. The tiny animal with its disproportionately large eyes, like the Chocolate Hills, became a symbol of the Philippines.

kleiner bungalow am strand von Siquijor


The magical island enchants travelers not only with the dreamlike beaches, majestic waterfalls and hilly jungle. Siquijor is also known as the "Witch Island" or "Island of Fire". We prefer to title them as the mystical islands of the Philippines. The small island province in the Visayas offers rest, relaxation and who also wants some black magic. But actually Siquijor enchants only by the natural beauty and untouchedness. The clocks seem to run even slower on Siquijor and it feels like a trip back in time. Siquijor is no longer an insider tip, but the island has not yet been overrun with tourists.

schildkröte beim schnorcheln vor apo island


Negros is divided into two provinces. Negros Oriental in the southeast of the island and Negros Occidental in the northwest. The majestic volcanic landscape with tropical forests and species-rich diving spots are particularly well known and popular with active vacationers, nature lovers, hikers and divers. Negros is also called the sugar island because the largest sugar cane growing areas are on the island. The provincial capital Dumageute City is located on the southeast coast of Negros Oriental. The charming student city combines modern university buildings with old Catholic churches and Spanish mansions that remind of the past. A stone's throw from Dumaguete City is the tiny island of Apo Island. A hot spot for divers with an infinite number of sea turtles, densely overgrown coral reefs and exciting drift dives.

Malerischer Fluss - ©fritz-gabriel-carilo via Unsplash

Romblon province

The province of Romblon consists of smaller and larger islands. These include Romblon Island, Tablas Island and Sibuyan Island. The islands are so natural and only rarely on the agenda. Traveling the islands is therefore an absolute insider tip and should be at the top of the favorites list for travelers who want to hike adventure and off the beaten path. Adventurers and explorers will find first-class diving areas, tropical rainforests, hidden waterfalls and heavenly beaches on Romblon, Tablas and Sibuyan.