Port barton

Flourishing hippie village
with island hopping of superlatives

Between El Nido and Puerto Princesa on the west coast of Palawan is the small village of Port Barton. It's still very slow there. A mix of Filipino country life and a thriving hippie village on the beach hits the spot. Tourism is slowly starting to grow. Some would call Port Barton the next El Nido. Iceland hopping of superlatives, but no trace of mass tourism.

The longing for relaxed and quiet vacation days is certainly satisfied in hammocks with a view of the sea. In the evening there is reggae music in some beach bars. There are no big parties here. Tourists appreciate the simplicity and remoteness of Port Barton. The small town consists of only a few sandy paths, a church, a basketball court, some accommodations and very good restaurants.

Iceland hopping

The island hopping tours are as fascinating and breathtaking as those of El Nido and cost significantly less. Tiny islands, heavenly beaches, starfish and turtles. The highlights of the island hopping tours include German Island, Paradise Island and Starfish Island. The Lagoon Reef, Twin Reef, Fantastic Reef and Wide Reef are also used on island hopping tours.

Coconut Beach

The quiet Coconut Beach is next to Port Barton. The long white sandy beach, where few tourists are, can be reached within 30 minutes from Port Barton. Either on foot along a small path along the coast, on the waterway by kayak, SUP or boat, or with a rented scooter.

White Beach

White Beach is by far the most beautiful beach around Port Barton. Absolute Robinson Crusoe feeling: fine, powder white sand, an avenue of palm trees and hammocks. A private resort is right on the beach and sells food and drinks. The best way to get to White Beach is by boat from Port Barton. Whoever drives a scooter safely reaches the White Beach by land, but has to overcome many bumpy dirt roads.

Pamuayan Falls

Pamuayan Falls is a few kilometers outside of Port Barton. The route leads through a jungle with bumpy sandy paths. The waterfall can be reached on foot in around 1.5 hours. Most of the route can also be covered with a scooter. From a certain zone, this must then be parked. On foot, it then continues across small streams into the jungle. Once you have reached the waterfall, it invites you to cool off. There are some seating areas where you can comfortably picnic.

Long Beach,
San Vicente

It is not for nothing that Long Beach in San Vicente bears its name. It is the longest beach in the Philippines. At 14 kilometers, it is more than three times as long as Boracay's White Beach. The wide Long Beach is only visited by a few tourists. It is still a real insider tip from the Philippines. Many sections are deserted and visitors have the beach to themselves. Only palm trees provide shade, no luxury resorts, bars or restaurants. The luxury lies in loneliness, calm and comfort. Most of the accommodations are located 10 minutes from the beach in sleepy Poblacion.  

Getting to Port Barton

Puerto Princesa to Port Barton
Minivans run between Puerto Princesa and Port Barton. You can start in Puerto Princesa, as you wish, directly from the airport, from the accommodation or from the bus terminal in Puerto Princesa.
The journey time is 3 hours.

El Nido to Port Barton
If you arrive in Port Barton from El Nido, the trip by minivan takes about 5 hours (with a stopover in Roxas).
Here, too, collection takes place either at the accommodation or at the El Nido bus terminal.


Since May 2019 there has been an ATM (cash machine) in Port Barton at the White Hauz Inn.
The exchange rate can vary enormously, so we recommend that you carry enough cash from Puerto Princesa or El Nido.

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Reiseroute: Palawan – Special

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