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Philippine peso

The Philippine currency is the Philippine Peso, or PHP for short, which is divided into 100 centavos.
1 PHP = 100 centavo

At the side of the current exchange rate can be queried.

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The PHP to Euro exchange rate can generally be described as stable.

The following notes and coins are available:
Notes: Php 20, Php 50, Php 100, Php 200, Php 500, Php 1,000.
Coins: 5 cents, 10 cents, 25 cents, Php 1, Php 5, Php 10.

Geldabheben & Geldautomaten

Money can be withdrawn and exchanged at the airport, as well as in hotels, banks, large department stores and accredited exchange offices.
International credit cards such as Visa, Master Card or American Express are accepted in many restaurants and shops.
If cash in excess of $ 10,000 is imported, this must be reported upon entry. A maximum of 1,000 pesos may be exported.

In some regions and locations there is little or no ATM. In extreme cases, these can be empty or not work. Therefore, you should always carry enough cash with you as soon as you leave the big cities.

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A tip of 10% is expected for many services and in restaurants. In some cases the tip is already included. It is therefore advisable to check the invoice.