Climate & the best time to travel

Climate & the best time to go to the Philippines

The Philippines has a tropical climate and temperatures average 30 degrees all year round with high humidity. There are no seasons, but it is divided into dry season and rainy season.

The best time to visit the Philippines is between November and May

The drying time can be divided into “cool” and “hot” drying times. Between November and February there is a cool dry season with very pleasant, warm temperatures of around 30 degrees. The hot dry season begins in March and continues until May. During this time the temperature rises to over 30 degrees up to 40 degrees.

The rainy season is between June and October. Then you can expect daily rain showers and the risk of typhoons. Because of the rain, road closures, flight cancellations and ferry cancellations can always occur. Outside of this time, typhoons can occasionally occur, but less violently. Palawan, Mindanao and the southern Visayas are less affected by typhoons because they are outside the typhoon belt and are somewhat protected by offshore islands. Siargao is an absolute exception because most rain showers take place between December and January.

Traumhaftes Boracay - Philippine Department of Tourism - ©David Hettich

Exception: The best travel time for Siargao is between March and June. The dry season on Siargao can last until September. It can be surfed all year round, good surfers come best between August and November.

Weather after dry and rainy weather

Cool dry season / best travel time: November - February, average 30 degrees
Hot dry season / Best travel time: March - May, 30 to 40 degrees
Rainy season / typhoons: June - October, average 30 degrees

To escape the heat, the Filipinos travel the most in April and May. Christmas, New Year and Easter is the peak season in the Philippines. Then not only are many tourists on the move, but also many Filipinos who visit family and relatives. Flights and accommodations should be booked early at this time.

our recommendation

Those who have no problems traveling at temperatures above 30 degrees should travel to the Philippines in late February / early March. Why? At this time the hot dry season is just beginning. The Paddy fields in Luzon steel in rich green and are particularly beautiful to look at. In addition, the high point is in March Whale shark season. The chance to swim with several whale sharks is almost guaranteed. And finally, it starts in Siargao the sunnier season.


You need light and loose clothing. Even if the average temperature is around 30 Gard, there are some regions in the north of the Philippines (Banaue, Batad, Sagada and Baguio City) where you should take a little warmer clothes. Especially in the evening and at night it can get cooler and the temperature can drop to 18 degrees. A thick sweater and long trousers are sufficient. Please do not forget that you should dress appropriately in churches and offices (at best knees and shoulders covered, no open shoes).

Time zone

In summer, the time difference between Germany and the Philippines is plus 6 hours. In winter it is plus 7 hours.
There are no summer / winter time changes in the Philippines.